I eat therefore I am.

One cannot think well, love well, sleep well, if one has not dined well.

― Virginia Woolf

Cutting mat pic

Pampered Chef Manual Food Chopper

The Pampered Chef Food Chopper makes quick work of chopping veggies and cooked meat in seconds.  It’s equipped with a unique stainless steel blade that rotates with each easy press of the plunger for consistent results. The more you press the plunger, the finer the chop.  Global Flow testing has found that the Pampered Chef chopper is able to modify foods to meet Level 6 (Soft and Bite Sized) and Level 5 (Minced and Moist) IDDSI standards.

Pampered Chef Flexable Chopping Mat Set

Pampered Chef’s Flexible Cutting Mat Set is makes modifying foods to IDDSI levels 5 and 6 easier both at home and on the go. The mats are small, lightweight and flexible, so you can funnel your chopped ingredients right into your recipe when at home or right onto your plate at your favorite eatery.  What’s more, the measuring marks allow for easy reference to check for IDDSI levels 5 and 6 size requirements and the silicone backing grips both counters and table tops to prevent slippage while cutting


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